How to Create a Mesmerizing Explainer Video for Your Brand

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re hustling to put together a video to explain your product or service. Welcome to the club! There are actually hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs worrying about that very thing as you read this. Fortunately, the more popular the need for video becomes, the more tools available to us!

The fact that video has become such an essential part of digital communications has created an entirely new startup space where talented teams in many different countries are working hard to give us simple, effective production tools. As excited as I am to share a useful list of apps to put together a killer explainer video, I will ask you to bear with me for a few minutes first. You’ll find the list below.

Before You Start: Do You Have a Game Plan?

There’s a really easy way to set yourself up for failure in video world: skip the storyboard. Just jump right into a huge library of animations, transitions, objects and titles and swim through the chaos. You and I both know where this ends: you, a massive headache, and a lousy excuse for a video. Let’s avoid it, shall we?

Instead, use this tool to define which scenes belong in your explainer video, in which order they should be presented, and what your audience should be listening to.

A List of The Best Explainer Video Production Tools Available

Adobe Spark Videos

This new mobile and desktop app by Adobe is hot off the oven. Just select a series of image, audio and video files and combine them using one of their predesigned sequences. This app was formerly known as Adobe Voice. Make sure to check out their inspiration gallery to see what small business owners are already doing with it.



With Vidra you can use photos, doodles, icons, and voice recordings to design slides.



Animaker is interesting in that it helps you create in any of 5 video styles, going from 2D to typographic animation. With plans starting at free, it’s definitely worth a try — especially if you’re keen on explaining your brand with characters.


Raw Shorts

This tool brands itself as a simple drag-and-drop video builder. What truly sets Raw Shorts apart is the various categories in which they’ve divided their video templates catalog. You can find anything from apps to travel.

Raw Shorts


This tool truly outperforms competitors in terms of design. Their templates have all been professionally created by specialists, and the results truly show. Make sure to check out their Facebook video layouts, all beautifully composed with high-contrast typography.



If you’re more of a mobile creator, Videohance can help you pull off amazing videos on the go. Here’s how it works:

See Videohance in Action from Benjamin Wong on Vimeo.


Placeit provides a very original method where you record what’s happening directly on your screen and they’ll help you “place it” within a mockup scene that makes sense for the app you’re selling. An amazing alternative for mobile app brands. Placeit

Where to find more inspiration

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