Books for Brand Builders

My books guide readers as they build a brand name, story, visual identity, and growth strategy. I combine tactics from design thinking and service design with vivid examples, templates and a fresh conversational tone to guide you through creating a brand that truly matches your vision.

brand psychology

Brand Psychology brings together theory and practice from the fields of psychology, design, and marketing to explore the behavioral science behind brand building. Each chapter presents insights from academic consumer behavior studies and unique visual learning tools.


This practical toolkit supports you in the journey of building your own brand. You’ll find over 100 DIY branding tactics, inspiring cases, and step-by-step instructions to build 25 essential brand assets, from logo design to demo-day pitches.

Powering Content

Packed with examples and exercises, this book teaches you how to tell your story with engaging copy and striking design.


A 62-page workbook to take you from zero to personal brand in 30 days. It includes exercises, templates, and helpful advice to help you navigate the process.


This workbook guides you on the adventure of building a bold, inspiring and powerful brand manifesto.

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Building your own brand can seem overwhelming at times, but it doesn't have to be. With the right focus and tools, you too can elevate your visual symbols, create a compelling story, and make sure it all reaches the right audience.

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