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My Domestika Course

Creative block. Blank page syndrome. Designing a content strategy for your brand feels like this overwhelming project you keep putting off. And with good reason: most of the training out there focuses on hacks that feel nothing like you. 

Enter this course: I created it because brand storytelling should feel authentic, aligned, soulful. The only way to make that happen is working from the inside out: figuring out your manifesto, translating it into an editorial calendar, and defining what “winning” with content means to you. Then, we’ll learn to track the right things to bring more of those wins, connecting your brand’s stories with an audience of true followers. 

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Most Popular Branding Packages

Brand Identity

Most Popular Pack

Includes a logo design, typography scheme, color palette, and a brand style guide.

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Brand Refresh

A Quick Facelift

Subtle edits to your logo, typography or color palette to freshen up your identity.

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Brand Audit

In-depth Analysis

Detailed review of your brand’s opportunities, threats, weaknesses and strengths.

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Ready to grow your brand?

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Some Kind Words

“Busche provides some useful examples of the [brand] metrics that matter—the ones that are connected to the way our businesses make money or grow our customer base.”

- Eric Ries, Author of The Lean Startup

“Branding has always been a soft skill. Laura makes it a hard science.”

- Bronson Taylor, Cofounder of Growth Hacker TV

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