Recent Work

Designing a brand’s visual identity is about bringing its story to life. Symbols, patterns, typography, imagery, and color schemes must come together to energize your value narrative and make it truly memorable.


Designed a unique brand identity and website for Magmic, a game design agency in Canada. 


Designed a brand identity, stationery, and B2B sales collateral for Madeflex, a woodworking company based in Colombia.

Santa Marta: City Brand

Built a brand identity, story, applications, and website for the city of Santa Marta, Colombia.

Golden Gate

Designed packaging and a brand identity suite for Golden Gate Trading, an export/import company in South America specializing in canned preserves.

Wyldwood Creative

Designed a brand identity, stationery, and applications for Wyldwood Creative, a modern fabric store and workshop space in downtown Renton, Washington.

Ozone Group

Crafted a brand system and website for Ozone Group, a web design and development agency based in Latin America.


Created packaging labels and a brand identity system for Goelkel, a fashion accessory brand with an artisanal flair. 

Profit Focused

Designed a unique brand identity for Profit Focused, a management consulting agency based in London, UK.

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