How to Create your Brand Identity Board

How to Create your Brand Identity Board

One of the best ways to ensure that your brand’s look and feel is cohesive is to maintain a living identity board that everyone on your team has access to. A brand identity board is just a summary of the main guidelines to take into account as you design visuals...
How To Come Up With a Killer Brand Name

How To Come Up With a Killer Brand Name

Your product is in development, everyone on your team is on the edge of his or her seat and you’ve managed to motivate a large group of people to “wait for it”. Everything would be perfect except for the fact that you have no idea how to call this “thing you’re...

10 Color Secrets Top Designers Swear By

Specific hues can provoke different emotions, associations, and responses that affect how your brand is perceived. Put simply, color choices can make or break a design. In fact, research has shown that color can increase brand recognition (by up to 80%), memory,...

10 Free Tools To Build Your Brand’s Website

Sometimes it seems as if, unless our brand can be found by typing a URL on a browser, it doesn’t really exist. That’s why, though I’ve dealt with building landing pages before (and shared some useful tips to hack their creation), this time I’ll be sharing tools to...

8 Amazing Tools to Build Your Brand’s Landing Page

Are you trying to create a landing page where visitors can sign up or learn more about one of your products/services? This list will come in handy. Landing Pages, or “Lead Capture Pages” are conversion sites where visitors arrive after clicking on another source....

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