Audiobranding: What Are ASMR Sounds?

Though you may not be familiar with the name, I guarantee you’ve been moved by this concept. ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response and it describes a tingle that begins on your scalp and moves down your body generating a sensation of inexplicable pleasure. Especially when you consider the tiny, mundane types of sounds that can originate it.

What are some ASMR triggers?

It’s important to consider that this bubbly feeling of comfort isn’t strictly linked to audio. Certain types of video and media appealing to other senses can also activate it. But, for the purposes of this article, I’m listing some of the sounds that are well-known ASMR triggers:

  • Subtle everyday sounds happening during someone’s moments of deep focus like turning pages in books, painting with a brush, or cutting/preparing food.
  • Soft, soothing voices that almost sound like whispers
  • Sounds that are part of people’s little self-care rituals, such as brushing one’s hair or applying makeup

Examples of Brands Using ASMR Sounds

Audiobranding is not new, but this minimal flavor that combines quick video and repetitive on-brand sounds is certainly a byproduct of new social media content formats.

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