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I am here to help you tell your brand story. Whether it’s a workshop, design project, or consultation, we can work together to build everything from a visual identity to a groundbreaking web presence for your personal or business brand. To make the best possible tools available to you, I’ve built an interdisciplinary career with a major in Business, a master’s degree in Design Management and doctoral studies in Consumer Psychology. Sounds like what you need? I’m ready when you are!


Our team can develop a visual identity system and web design to give your brand a succinct and consistent presence online.


I'm a published author and regularly pen my thoughts about design, business & branding for various online & offline channels. Always open to new writing projects.


I lead workshops related to brand development, business design & content marketing. Some of my latest talks have dealt with branding hacks, digital marketing and personal brand development.


I review websites and other brand communications assets to share recommendations and new ideas to propel your growth. I am open to on-site or remote projects.


  • “Busche provides some useful examples of the [brand] metrics that matter—the ones that are connected to the way our businesses make money or grow our customer base.”

    ERIC RIES Author - The Lean Startup
  • “Branding has always been a soft skill. Laura makes it a hard science.”

    BRONSON TAYLOR Cofounder, Growth Hacker TV
  • “I have had several opportunities to work with Laura and her writing is always flawless. However, the writing is always approachable; as if she is standing in front of you explaining things to you.”

    ALMA HOFFMANN Editor, Smashing Magazine


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